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Join Whatsapp Group: CODE and FIX

Code and Fix is the New Whats-app Group which will deal  with Information and Growth of Technology. Its the main platform of different ideas and skill from different people who deals with Technology. Code and Fix will also go through
  • Networking
  • Troubleshooting 
  • Graphics
  • Inspirations
  • Web Designing 
  • Programming 
  • Systems Design as  we are Changing the World.

Why Creating CODE and FIX?
I do love the Code and it has been a while I dream to be more good than in any other field of Technology. In order to be a good programmer or developer you need to understand your own codes and be able to understand others Code too, but that is not the last also people should be able to understand your Code as you understand it. Final we can all be literate in Programming. Literacy in Computer Language from simple HTML to Complex c++ and other Languages, requires dedication not only to the technology but to changes in the technology and I dedicated my whole to it.

Why Joining CODE and FIX?
As i always says  in programming  " If you want to be good  start writing  one line of CODE, know the CODE and CODE will control the World
Here you will be able to learn different ideas from different people and see how they do there Work. Sharing and challenging your skills to the Next level.

If YOU wish To Join 
Send Your Number To