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SOLVED: Wireless not found on Ubuntu 16.04.1 (Linux).

I have been receiving a multiple questions about Ubuntu Wireless problems after installation. New Users of Linux especially Ubuntu have been facing a missing Wireless drivers for there Laptops. But today we are going to Solve this simple problems once for all and you will be free from this issues.
The problem can be solved by,

1. Update your Your operating System.
Before updating your OS make sure you put a tick (select) Proprietary drivers for device in
System Setting => Ubuntu Software _[] Proprietary drivers.

As you always advised to update Operating System after Installation will keep your Computer up to date and allow smooth operation to take place with all drivers and plugins.

By updating your Operating System and allow proprietary drivers for device you will be able to Solve your problem.

To update:

After finishing updating your system go to
System Setting => Addition Drivers and allow all wireless drivers

As you see in this image

Apply the Changes and you are done!!