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Advantage and Disadvatage of Online Shopping

       Online shopping can be defined as the process of purchasing goods or services through the Internet. To make this possible, there are at least three important things including the Internet, online stores, and consumers. The Internet connects the buyer with the online store via computers, smartphones, or tablets.  Transaction happens over online payment method as well. Many banks are now providing Internet-based transactions, which basically allow you to send money to anyone (including seller) over the Internet. Some money transfer services do not even require physical banks, so they do everything solely over the Internet for example PayPal.

The following are the advantage of Online Shopping: -
Affordable prices: Due to development of internet services and online business the product which found online has become less price compare to local store, this due to many people found simple way to sell their product if they are new brand or second end product. Online business facing more competitive (Competitive Advantages) which make things to be easy as many buyers now days compare price of product before buying them. In many cases, they lower the price or offer some great bundled deals to attract more buyers.

It is easy and quick: How easily to buy online now days It take me less than 10 minutes to find my product online in Amazon store. This have become more advantage compare to local market where it would be hard to find my desire product on all malls and markets. What I did was typing “Shopping” and Amazon site opened, search my product and get all details of specification and price.

Time Saver: You no longer have to get in your car and have to drive to the mall to shop. There are no lines and you can come back to your cart whenever you want. What you need to do is having your laptop, tablet or your smartphone with internet access go to Shopping online site type the keyword of product and here they are. This can be done with ought disturbing your daily product activities.

Different modes of payment:  Online Shopping provide different model of payment including cash payment or online payment through Pay pal, visa or tiGO Pesa, Mpesa and other models of credit card. This is very helpful for those they don’t trust online payment. Although these payment systems are fully secured unless you somehow share your credentials with others.

Customer protection: Reliable sites like Amazon supplies buyer protection to motivate individuals to buy from their website. The website may give your money back if vender do not deliver the thing or deliver a product which does not match with the outline. This is the major advantage of online shopping you request what you want and they deliver what you need.

Apart of advantage of Online shopping, it has some weakness includes: -

You can’t check the item Personally: If you are one of those shoppers who want to touch, see, and test the product personally, at online shopping, you are not able to do so. Online stores are only showing product description and photos of the merchandise, which can be a disadvantage for many online shoppers.
It need to be patient to wait for your product: Unlike buying at traditional stores, you are able to use the product instantly after you buy it, which can be satisfying. However, online shopping requires patience to wait for the item to arrive at your door step about 2 to 3 days or even longer depending on the location you've ordered it from.

Returns can be costly: It’s very important for going through online shopping too aware of the return policy for any eCommerce website. Many of the sites do not believe in return shipping if you have to send something back.

Lack of interactivity in online shopping: Physical stores allow price negotiations between buyers and the seller. The show room sales attendant representatives provide personal attention to customers and help them in purchasing goods. Certain online shopping mart offers service to talk to a sales representative.

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