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Install Simplenote on Linux/Debian based in Terminal

Hello Geeks!
I have been using different text editors as my notebook on my pc for years until i meet SimpleNote. Simplenote is an application which can run on multiple operating system such as Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Honestly it simplify my ways of taking note and be able to move from one device to another. I have two Laptops, ipad and Smart-phone but am able to see all my notes from each device as it update automatically after every single type of the character written on the Simplenote notebook.

SimpleNote has the following features:
  • Automatic sync between your devices.
  • Revert your notes to previous versions
  • Share your notes to others for viewing and editing.
  • Create a public URL for your notes
  • Organize notes with tags
  •  Pin your notes so that you can easily find them.

 Today I will show how to install Simplenote on your Pc with Linux operating System by using Terminal.

Step 1: Go to Simplenote Official Website Here and Download for Linux (.deb)

Step 2:
After Downloading the file with deb extension, open your terminal and Run the following Command

sudo dpkg -i simplenote-1.0.8.deb
Then start it from Unity Dash or your preferred app launcher. If the app icon doesn’t show up, try logging out and logging back in. 
 In order to sync between your devices you need to sign in with the same email address on all your devices.