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If u want to see a copy blog which posts software, news, tricks like as they search, my blog is not that kind. I write blog for myself as my dictionary which contains a few of my knowledge and download links of some useful tools. I rarely copy posts but if i copy it,i always admit that i copy it! I'm also willing to share my knowledge.
 Web logs as they now called blogs, it became and hold great impact in networks and societies and as everyday they are thousands articles, photos, videos published in those blogs. Sometime I wonders without blogs where will we be? And the same time I keep asking myself Why people blogging? Why am I blogging? What make me blogging? What if I stop blogging? What if there is no one to blogging.
   I start blogging since 2009, while after I finished my ordinary level form four. In that time there was few blogs, blogger used to post only important ideas they have and greater massages to the societies. Every blog you open will be suitable for all generation without exclude other member of the society, I hope you will figure out what I mean for saying this world.
    A blogger, Is the web-masters, as they called and who are there to right and post anything they thinking of. You can't tell the blogger what to Post, what not to post because it the matter of what he or she think for the particular time.
    There are tons of blogs on the Web
as I write this, hundreds of hundreds of blog are created everyday in Tanzania and other places in the world, for the most part, in my opinion, very few of them have any real substance. Don’t get me wrong and say “Raymond what are you talking about?” there are some blog sites rich in good information, tutorials, and insight, but  they are often more like some guy in Tanzania tell them their country is Developing while life becoming Difficult day after day.
  This is an introduction to blogging. I will be posting a good stuff about Blogs and Web-design frequently in order to improve our site and blogs. This will be a place to ask and learn about blogging. Blogging is not about copy and paste any articles you like to your blog, its not about writing anything about yourself it about feeling, ambitions and goals you have in yourself and the societies around you.
  As a blogger these are simple things you need to know and use, If your just an author hope your Technician will need understand these
clear than anyone in your clue.
1. Basic Web Knowledge
    *Java script
    *all important things in Web design

2. Optimizing Your Site for the Search Engines
   *How search Engine Works
   *How to Submitting Your Site

3. Page Optimization Techniques
   *Your Keyword Strategy
   *Page Title
   *Your Text {articles}
   *Using alt Attributes
   *Using Meta Tags

Things you Must  not do as a blogger
*You must not Post at night
*You Must not Ignore Your Readers
*You must not copy and paste {not scrape} another blogger content
*You must not expect any success without promotion
*You must not be another blogger
*You must not fail to update your blog regularly

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